I have always thrived on competition. I played Division I football and competed in track and field at Western Illinois University and after college, I started doing CrossFit to keep my competitive edge. I could never have imagined where CrossFit would lead me or how it would impact every aspect of my life. What started as an exploration into taking a break from my same old routine, has evolved from a way of working out and competing, to a means of supporting myself, to a piece in an overall approach to how I live my life. I was a bit hesitant to allow myself to open up to the CrossFit methodology, but when I finished up my football career I was having to take over 8 different medications for arthritis, asthma, ADD, and ADHD, none of which were cheap. So I figured I could give it a shot. CrossFit and CrossFit nutrition freed me from all of those burdens and I am constantly getting stronger, faster, and more mobile all the while looking and feeling like a new person. This is when I truly fell in love with human movement and health. That passion is what has driven me to create an outlet for people in Quincy and CrossFits everywhere to explore their fitness potential and improve their longevity through the most thorough examination of human movement & general physical preparedness. I love to help others by sharing my passion for fitness and the experience I’ve gathered in my own pursuit. In that pursuit I’ve traveled to gyms I’d never thought to visit and been blessed to meet some amazing people that I would have never met without CrossFit along the way.