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I’ve heard High Intensity Strength and Conditioning is dangerous, should I be worried?2019-12-29T23:09:15-05:00

Anything done incorrectly can be dangerous and High Intensity Strength and Conditioning is no exception. At QTown we work hard to instruct all of our clients on moving well and continuing to move even better over time. We understand that fitness is there to help you be better at the things you want to do in life and getting hurt is incomplete opposition to that happening.

I am out of shape, will this be too much for me?2019-04-04T10:19:04-05:00

If you are out of shape then you are perfect for us. We do have people of all fitness levels here but helping people get in shape is just what we do. Each workout or program is modifiable to your level or will be written for you at your level. We will help you learn your pace and move well first in order to help ease the transition!

Is High Intensity Strength and Conditioning only for fit people?2019-12-29T23:10:21-05:00

We believe fitness is for everyone, and everyone needs fitness in your life. We encourage a community that has a diverse background of people from varying levels of fitness.

Does QTown offer anything besides High Intensity Strength and Conditioning?2019-12-29T23:11:01-05:00

Yes! We offer a lower impact program that we love called LivingFit and we also offer a program that is individualized to your needs and done in an coach-led open gym format.

Are you a competitive gym?2019-04-04T10:21:34-05:00

No, unless you think that working on being better then you were yesterday is a competition with yourself. Then… sure?

What times are classes?2019-04-19T08:32:44-05:00

Please see our Program and Hours page.

How long is the average class?2019-04-04T10:23:41-05:00

Classes are about an hour long. We have a high level of respect for your time and understand that it is valuable so we want to make the time you give us very impactful.

Do you offer nutritional support?2019-04-04T10:24:10-05:00

We offer general nutritional recommendations and advice. All of our coaches are knowledgable about basic healthy fitness and we have staff that are capable of going deeper if you are interested. if you would like more pointed feedback then we will ask you to log your food for a period of time to gain insight into your habits. We do not prescribe to a particular diet, but are interested in helping you eat more whole foods that are healthier and balanced over time.

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