About Us

QTown is a faith-based gym dedicated to providing an experience for you! We seek to provide that through a relational environment, a way to achieve your goals, and all the while enjoying the journey along the way!

Who We Are

QTown Fitness in Quincy, Illinois is owned by two Quincy natives. Former professional soccer player Jennifer Nobis-Dancer and Professional fitness athlete, international fitness coach, and former D1 football player Sam Dancer. QTown Fitness is a Christian facility that seeks to honor God by impacting the lives of our employees, members, and community. Our approach to fitness ensures that our coaches can maximize their ability to produce results for our clientele. Which, in turn, makes sure that our clients can make safe, efficient progress in their fitness journey. Your health, wellness, and performance goals are based on the direction you want to focus your attention on. They are important to us! If you commit to acting accordingly and actively pursuing the best version of yourself in a loving progressive fashion, we will help condition a foundation that will place you in a position to be successful. With the assistance of our professional staff and diverse community, you will attain what it is you are focused on and more. Our services are proven and we guarantee results!

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best possible service in order to help ordinary people achieve extraordinary results in their health and fitness journeys. – This is how we are able to impact the lives of our members, employees, and the community.

Core Values


We are in a dedicated, tireless pursuit to provide the best service possible no matter the challenge.


We seek to deliver safe, efficient progress not only in how our clients move in the gym but in progress towards their goals daily. We will never settle for less than what we know our clients are capable of.


We care for each of our clients’ individual goals and see them as wholly unique while loving them all.


We are ALL IN when it comes to providing a fitness environment that allows each person to succeed IN and OUT of the gym.


We will never stop refining who we are as Coaches, how we deliver our product, and how we interact with our clients so we can call ourselves professionals in the field.

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